Picture Gallery

Balduin the Mushroom Farmer
Gnome Balduin the Mushroom Farmer

Alexander Welcome
Gnome Alexander Welcome

Arthur the Aquarian
Gnome Arthur the Aquarian

Erich the Gardener
Gnome Erich the Gardener

Heinz the little angler
Gnome Heinz the little angler

Instus with Wheelbarrow
Gnome Instus with Wheelbarrow

Josef the Shelfsitter
Gnome Josef the Shelfsitter

Konrad the musician
Gnome Konrad the musician

Relaxing August
Gnome Relaxing August

Sigmund with Friend
Gnome Sigmund with Friend

Swinging Joerg
Gnome Swinging Joerg

Gnome Wendelin

Willi with his favorite Friend
Gnome Willi with his favorite book

Ludwig and Leopold
Gnomes Ludwig and Leopold

Six Mini-Zwergs
Gnomes Six Mini-Zwergs


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Picture Gallery
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